Monday, December 18, 2006

I am still here..

Just been so busy with the Christmas season have not had time to make a post or to knit much either. IT is CRAZY!! The good part is I am almost done with all the shopping. I will be taking two kids out tonight to shop for their Dad and maybe a few last minute gifts for the final touches.
It may snow later this week here in Kansas City and I do not want to have to get out in that mess.

More good news this month, I have finally been able to teach my oldest daughter Sirena how to knit. She is the married child that is out on her own working full time and attending college part time. She actually expressed a interest when she was with me at the local craft store a few weeks back. After I got over my shock that she wanted me to teach her again how to knit (the first time did not go so well as she really did not care), I bought her some wooden needles and the Peaches and Creme yarn so that she could make a dishcloth. As soon as we got home I sat her down and taught her the knit stitch and she picked it up immediately. I then sent her on her way and told her to continue with the knit stitch and check back with me a week later. And low and behold, she was just about finished with the ball of yarn when she returned, holes and dropped stitches and all, but how proud she was of that little tattered piece of fabric that she created all by herself!! I am so excited that I now have a actual family member that can hang out and knit with me this winter. Oh the fun we have, can not wait for the winter to begin now!!

Well that is it for now, I wish all of you who may read this blog, even though I have not been good at posting any posts, A MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

For now, keep on knitting!!!

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