Thursday, April 21, 2011


I am not going to tell you all my excuses for not writing and udpating my beloved blog.  So lets just get to the good stuff.  What has been going on in my world? 

  • Number One on my list, is waiting for the second grandchild to make his appearance.  He is due next Tuesday so I am on Gmom alert and impatiently waiting for him to make his grand appearance.
  • Gardening- I am a horrible gardener, let me just put that out there first.  This year, I bought seeds, and last week got those in containers.  Herbs and flowers.  We shall see what comes up.  This Kansas City weather has been up and down during this early spring, so who knows.
  • Knitting- of course.  I had to knit up four birthday hats last week.  FOUR! in one week.  Whew!  I know, hats are easy and fast, right?  But I dont think I am a fast knitter, and I watch Netflix while knitting at home.  Knitting is a process, and I like to enjoy it, not rush thur it.
  • I think everyone was happy with their hats.  Thanks to the cool April weather, a wool hat could come in handy on some of these days, right?
  • Hmm, what else?
  • Oh yeah, found out my brother is having another child.  No not him, his girlfriend.  Another boy for him.  I feel for him though, he will be 41 this year.  I would not want a child at that age, but I am so happy for them.  Those babes are lots of work, you know.
  • The youngest daughter (who is having the second gbaby) is graduating from the local community college next month (YAY!).  Now she will have to get into a nursing school and complete that degree.  Gonna be tough for her and her hubby while raising baby.  I forsee lots of gmom babysitting in my future (yay!)
  • Oh yeah, I started the mitered cross blanket from Mason Dixon Knitting.  It is a pattern for sale on their website that benefits the Japanesse mercy workers.  Good cause and great project.  I splurged and bought me the Noro yarn to work it up in.  Love that yarn!
  • Ok, that is enough bullets for now.  Let me know how things are in your world.  Keep on crafting.

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