Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Rag rug

Yesterday was the biggest snow storm in 50 years around these parts.  I got the day off and I also have today off due to the inclement weather.  I spent the day shoveling the driving way (3 times!!) and it was no use, the snow still kept coming.  I think we have something like a foot around here.
I also gave the grandpuppy a bath and he smells so much better now.
In between all of that yesterday I worked on the crochet rag rug for the gbabies room in our house.  I am love love loving this rug.  I am thinking about doing a little tutorial for same if I can get off my lazy butt around here.  I am using old sheets that I have collected and cutting them into strips then rolling that long strip into a yarn ball.  I am on sheet six now.  
I am still in my pj's today and having a lovely time with my day off from work.  How about you, what is going in your world today?

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Christine said...

Jolene, that rug is fabulous! As is the gbabies having their own room at your place. LOVE that. I was always sticking a baby somewhere that wasn't quite babyproof at my folks' house. Thank goodness for those little portable play pens, but it just wasn't the same.

PLEASE do a tutorial when you get around to it! Two snow days for me too! YAY! working from home rocks. No more for me, bossman getting irritated (he's in MN where they're used to snow).