Saturday, February 28, 2009

Last snow fall of the year??

Hopefully it will be. Here is what I found outside my kitchen window this morning. Our resident squirel eating sunflower seeds at his home made picnic table made by my husband a few years ago. I think we got around 4-5 inches of snow today. It is supposed to warm up to near the 70's by the end of the coming week, hard to believe when you see this snow.
I will miss winter because I always knit more at this time of year, it is a great excuse for staying on the couch, watching movies and knitting. But I look so forward to spring, as I love to be outside in the warmer weather soaking up the sunshine and all the freshness that season brings to us.

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Anonymous said...

This is just too cute, it looks very professional too, wouldn't know it was just out your backyard. Plus you are one of the only people I know who actually want to feed the squirrels. A picnic table??