Friday, February 20, 2009

Home improvement projects

This is what we ended up with on our kitchen backsplash, we don't think we like it. The story is we bought the 6 inch tiles last fall at clearance, then started slowly buying that rock accent tile each time we had a few extra bucks to spend on same. Last weekend when we wanted to start the project we still had about 7 more for the rock tile to buy and Home Depot was out of stock everywhere, at all their local stores!!! They then got more in, but by a different manufacture, which was very similar but slightly different. Lesson learned? Buy all the tile at the same time or don't buy it all. We did eventually end up with all of them except one from the old manufacture though so it was not too big of deal. But now we don't know if like the end of result. We have not grouted it yet so we can undo what we did this week, but jeez, that is alot of work. For the record the only part we are truly not sure about is that top band of darker tile. It just isn't flowing for me. What do you all think? Does anybody even read this blog anymore? I know I am not the best at updating here, but let me know what you think if you are so inclined please.

I have started that new sweater for me now, and guess what? I kinda screwed up on this one too. I realized last night when I took a break on the sleeve that I forgot to change up to the larger needle when I finished the ribbing on the sleeve, so the WHOLE sleeve is the smaller needle size!!! UGH! But I think I am going to keep it, I figure sleeves take alot of abuse anyways and they can stand being in the smaller guage and hey, it is just a sweater right, not the end of world, right? But I will know I made this error, so the question is can I live with it?

Then I checked my guage on the body. On my swatch I was getting 5 stitches to the inch on the size 7 needle and figured my pattern for that, then now I am getting more like 4 stitches to the inch, so the body has ended up being 40" instead of the 38" like I wanted. 38" was going to give me 2 inches of ease, so now I have 4 inches of ease, this thing is turning out huge again. What is wrong with me? At least the knitting part has been good for chasing those winter blues away though. I really do not want to rip this thing all out and start over, so I have been asking myself, can I live with all these little errors or not?

It is Friday night and I am going to go make it date night with my wonderful fabulous hubby, who did all that tile work for me above. Have a great weekend!

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