Thursday, July 17, 2008

I have been tagged...

by psychedelic armadillo for 5 things you did not know about me. I have never been tagged so this is a little exciting, my first time WHO HOO!! Okay here goes:

1. My dog has a bladder problem, meaning she goes pee on the living room carpet several times a week. She is almost 15 years old, so I cut her some slack, but it means that I have to shampoo the carpet (in the same spot) once a week sometimes more. UGH!!

2. I am menopausal and have several hot flashes a day which makes me irritable and cranky sometimes or if you were to ask my family they would say all the time.

3. I bought the reusuable bags at the grocery store but most of the time forget to bring them to the store when I go. One time I brought them and left them in the truck. Go figure!

4. I smoke cigarettes and think I want to quit but have never tried yet.

5. Hmmm, what else? I don't like to cook and am a picky eater.

There you go five things you were just dying to know about me. That didn't hurt at all for my first time.

1 comment:

H.R.M. Queen of the Universe said...

You are a saint regarding your dog. I know you love them so much you will put up with a lot of things, but pee on the carpet a few times a week is tough.