Monday, November 12, 2007

Today is a Federal Holiday

Happy Veteran's Day to all our vets out there! Thank you for serving our country and protecting us all.
I had the day off, which was very nice indeed. Hubby took a vacation day as well and we got the Christmas lights put up on the house. We usually do this the weekend before Thanksgiving since we always have the family over for dinner at our house. I like to have a little lighting ceremony in the evening before everyone goes home. Kansas City is know for having a huge lighting ceremony at the Plaza downtown. I have been a few times but it is really crowded and hard to find parking. We would rather stay home and watch it on the TV and have own lights to go ooh and ahh at.
This year we put up all blue lights, we hope it turns out nice. Last year we ditched the icicle lights and bought what we thought were purple lights. Turned out they looked more pink than purple, looked like we were living in a barbie doll house, YUCK!
I will of course post pics later. I am on my own computer and it is old, so I have to wait to use Valerie's later.

Well that is it for now, keep on knitting. I have started a new stocking and am still working on the log cabin and of course the quilts. I have to get busy with those quilts if I am going to make 5 more by Christmas ( 4 kids and 1 to give away at the Chinese Christmas exchange at the sister in laws).

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H.R.M. Queen of the Universe said...

What is a Chinese Christmas Exchange? Happy Thanksgiving, and Christmas for that matter!