Monday, August 13, 2007

Is Fall here yet?

Wow, what a crazy and hot summer it has been around here. I have not been posting as much because frankly I have not been knitting as much either. I did pickup the ripple blanket last night and worked on it. I think if I stick to it this month I might have it done by Labor Day. That is my goal. I want to be able to say that I started this project on Memorial Day and ended it on Labor Day, the whole unofficial time of summer. I think it is doable. I have 11 colors left to knit onto it and if I am diligent I can complete a color a nite. Of course that means knitting each night for 2-3 hours, but I am good with that.
This summer I have also taught two new people to knit. My son's girlfriend who already said she knew how to knit and she did, but I got to teach her the purl stitch to go along with her knit stitch that she knew. She is working now on one of those dishcloths from Mason Dixon. The second person is my daughter's boyfriend. Yes, I said BOYfriend. He seems to have taken to it really well (except for the ribbing that the guys in the family give him). He is well on his to finishing his dishcloth as well. I am really proud of that one, to be able to say that I got a man to knit and he likes it.
I will have to get some photos posted here on my next post. It has been too dang hot around here to do anything. I am just wiped out after work when I get home and really do not have energy to do anything. I do think that fall is just around the corner though (no matter what the calendar says). We have leaves falling now and acorns from the pin oak tree in our backyard as well. Can not wait for the cooler weather and the desire to return to knit with wool again. I have a sweater I started last winter from Elizabeth Zimmerman designs that I want to get done. It is already almost done, I am at the part where I begin the yoke and add all the colors. The fun part as she says in her books and it really is.

For now though, keep on knitting!!!

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H.R.M. Queen of the Universe said...

I've just picked up my knitting again after a BUSY month or so too. I'm afraid I won't be able to get back into the groove.