Thursday, October 05, 2006

Just another day

This week I have not been very good at working on my knitting projects. Stayed home sick on Monday, and thought that I would maybe be able to work on some of the projects while I was sick, but just could not manage much progress on them as was feeling so ill.

Then the rest of the week has been spent getting ready to go out of town to go camping and ATV riding with the family. But I will take some projects with me to work on while on the road and at the campsite. I think I will take that wool sweater I started this last winter and try to make a dent in that project. It is from Elizabeth Zimmerman, and knitting in the round is just so easy and makes so much more sense then making a bunch of flat pieces and having to sew them together at the end. Just can not stand that finishing part.

This sweater will be like the Icelandic wool sweaters I so admire. I admire them because as a kid our family was stationed on the NATO base there in Iceland. Needless to say I did not appreciate that little island at the time. So I will be trying my hand at the fair isle knitting when I get to the chest area. Going to make my own design as EZ recommends.

For now, keep on knitting!

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