Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Been awhile

Okay, so some people that do actually read this blog have pointed out that I need to update. So here goes.
I have not forgotten about my blog, just have been busy with projects. I completed 6-7 scarves for our office fund raiser, and sold all but three, so I gave them away to folks in the office. One of my yarn buddies won the felted bag I knitted, so I was very happy about that since she had been eyeballing it the whole time.
I also finished by Icelandic sweater from the Opionated knitter book by Elizabeth Zimmerman. I have not taken a picture though, because I am not very happy with the colors in the yoke section. I ran out of the black of the main color of the sweater and had to just finish knitting it witht he pink and grey colors I was using. There is not much contrast in those two color combinations, but I am going to look at as a learning leasson and call it my prototype sweater, so maybe I will post a picture just to remind me of life's knitting lessons.
I did learn a lot from doing this project though so let me list though out ( I am a person who likes list).
1. I can knit and finish a sweater of this size
2. You should knit the ribbing for the cuffs and body on smaller needles than the one used for the rest of the body.
3. Always buy more yarn then you think you need, and the bonus of that is you can build up your stash for more color knitted if you do not use it all.
4. Two color knitting is a great way to work out your brain since you have to learn how to knit with both hands, the English way (right hand) and the Continental way (left hand).
5. Elizabeth was so right in her book on the part about knitting the left hand way, it would be slow at first, but you would pick up speed astonishly fast! I was so happy when I was doing this part of the sweater, but it was a brain and hand work out in the beginning.
6. Even though I am not happy with the colors of the sweater, I am very happy that I was able to complete this project.

So there you have it.
Keep on Knitting!

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