Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hey Hey Hey! Made it thru the first day of my blog. Had my daughter Valerie help me upload a image of those wonderful nesting felted boxes I told you about yesterday. Photo is not has good as I would like, but we were in a hurry since I was working on her laptop and she wanted to be blogging on her on her own site with her friends. So here is a shout out to Valerie, THANK YOU VALERIE, you are the best!
Above is a sweater that I made and gave to my best yarnoholic buddy at work for her son. Hope he enjoys it!

I have tried several times to get my two daughters to knit with me. I actually taught the youngest, Valerie, but she is a leftie and has not taken it to like I was hoping. THe other daughter, Sirena, tried once, but has been so busy with her full time job and going to college in the evening, and being married that I have not pestered her as much to try it again. She did however express a desire to try again as soon as her schedule will allow here. So I will take that as a postive step in the right direction.

I myself had to teach myself how to knit. I already knew how to crochet but had not done it in years. I always had trouble with counting the stitches in crochet and never really got into it that much. About 5 or 6 years ago I was at the craft store and picked up a learn to knit kit. Went home and sat on the couch all weekend trying to get the knit stitch, and was so proud of myself for accomplishing that. The rest is history now. I have knitted several items from whatever pattern catches my fancy. I am no expert by any means, but am usually willing to try anything once.

I am currently thinking about trying to design my own pattern. Our family are boaters in the summer, and I have been wanting to make a swimsuit cover up. So I think that if I actually put this in writing it might help me buckle down and actually start working on a pattern of my own. Wish me luck!

For now, keep on knitting!

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Lucinda said...

I'm 100% positive you can do make your own pattern for the cover-up!
Thank you for teaching me to knit!