Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Have you had enough of the hats yet???

Here am and I (above) and college girl (below) trying out the homemade hula hoops we made this past weekend. College girl was trying to give me the peace sign, looks like you have to make that funny face in order to give a peace sign. HA!HA! If you want to make your own, go to this website here and get the low down on same.

Super easy, but the materials were a little bit more pricey than buying one in the local box store of choice. Of course, I did find out from this website why it is better to make your own if you are now a grown up as the ones in the store are made for the little people and we grown ups need ours to be a bit bigger for obvious reasons.
The nephews were over last Saturday so their mom (my sis) could go out for the evening, and she just had to try out the hula hoop too. They thought their mom was hilarious! Lots of fun had by all!
If you do go and make your own, let me know, I would like to hear out these work out for you too. See no hats to share, but I am still cranking them out over here.

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