Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I think I am addicted now..

To these damn granny square blankets!!

This one on the top I finished off this weekend. It is approx 52 x 52 inches square. I used the Lion Brand cotton ease, which I did like because it is 50% cotton 50% acrylic (I hate acrylic), but it does not feel like acrylic. I used it most of the weekend while being lazy at home on our 3 day weekend. I also went shopping for more yarn and started this one below, hence the addiction part.
Not sure about those three colors, but the youngest daughter loves it and has already claimed it for herself. At the same time my sister was over at the house and claimed it as well. Maybe they can draw straws to see who it gets it? Although I never said at the time that I was giving it to anyone. It is kinda growing on me now with those colors. I really want to do one in a brown and pink colorway, but the store did not have enough of the brown or the right shade of pink in anything I liked. I must say this second is going faster, not sure if it is because I went up one size larger on the hook or I just have the hang of it better now, but it is practically half way done!

That is it for now. I have not given up on knitting though, but love exploring the crochet world as well.

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Christine said...

ok, stupid question for you. I have some crochet in my past and could probably re-figure out the granny square....and I'm LOVING your blankets! Did you just start out with the regular square and keep going and going? I love it!