Tuesday, November 21, 2006

It is Tuesday

And you all know what that means if you have been reading this here blog at all. Tuesday at work is my yarnoholic meeting with some of the gals. Today I brought the camera because I hear Monica has finished her crochet baby blanket for her neice that is due in December. Can not wait to see that and take pictures of it.
Deana is still pluggin along on a stocking for one of her boys and hopes to be able to get the second one completed by Christmas as well. But she only works on her crocheting at the weekly meeting. We can not convince her to do her hobby at home as well. Although she has a good excuse now for not having any time in the evenings since her hubby and her are fostering two boys that they are going to also adopt, so we can forgive her.
I have put down the second fair isle sweater and started a stocking for my oldest daughter Sirena. I made one last year for Valerie, Jeff, and my new son in law Aaron. I did not like the yarn I used for the boys though. It was the lion brand suede, which is a okay yarn, but then I knit Valeries in the Noro, which is one of my all time favorites since I discovered it around that time. Aaron's came out way too big, I was also learning how important gauge is at that time. He loved it anyways, how nice of him to be so kind to me.
The holidays are coming, and I really have not started any knitted Christmas projects except for the stocking. I really do not think that I am that good yet that the recipeients really like what I make for them, so I will not torture them, or myself for the stress of trying to make something in time. I want to enjoy the holidays this year, not come to hate it if I try to do too much to make it all perfect.
Keither and I did get the Christmas lights put up outside this past weekend. I always want to have them up by Thanksgiving so that we can have our own annual lighting ceremony on that evening. See dinner is always at our house, and last year with all the kids being practically grown up I did not make that tradition such a big deal. Then by the end of the evening when everyone is getting ready to go home, my neice or nephew (not sure who it was) asked why we had not done the lighting ceremony yet. WHAT?! You all really like that, well lets get out the door and stand on the sidewalk and have someone flip the switch!! YIPPEE! So I am not a dork and the family does care about these silly little traditions!

That is it for now, I will take pictures today and post later. KEEP ON KNITTING!!

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